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L.I.T.E. Certification Course


Anne Angelheart

Shared Experience

Words cannot describe the benefits I have received from taking Anne Angelheart’s Universal Law Course. We have all heard of many of the different Laws but I have never had them explained in such a way that I had really understood them and could put them into practice with Ease to empower my life and the lives of others around me in Big Ways.

The Laws are So Subtle, Simple that most people have no idea what the Laws truly are about, for the subtleties are above normal conscious comprehension. Most people see the surface through the wording of the title of the law but never get to the core energetic essence. People hear the title of the Law and go—‘oh, yes, I get it’. Truth is they hardly scratch the surface of what the Law really is about, how to work with the Laws and to use the Laws together so that they can consciously understand their life(s) creations. We manifest what is around us each instant with our thoughts and words and actions. Knowing these Universal Laws puts us on a Fast Track to go beyond having to spend agonizing time going through lessons that we did not even have to struggle through. Anne has given us the GPS of navigation with these Universal Laws. Anne Angel heart is an amazing teacher. She is able to perceive the ‘language’ that each student resonates with so that each student can run with the information after each class. Anne’s insights and humour brings Delight and aha moments to all her students. Anne has been gifted with Precious Knowledge with these Laws and All whom choose to take Anne’s Universal Law Classes and to apply the knowledge will find their lives changed in positive ways forever if that is their intent . 

What More Can I say??? -- Take Anne’s Universal Laws Course.. These Universal Laws are Magnificent Keys which enable people to move into Higher Awareness and therefore Higher Frequencies. 

Cathryn G.,Ontario, Canada

I have been working with Anne Angelheart as my personal coach and teacher for over 3 years. Her latest offering of classes on the Universal Laws have been the perfect catalyst to move my personal work and consciousness raising to the next level. Anyone who has worked with the Law of Attraction, been intrigued by the Secret or just felt stuck at times in creating the life you truly want will benefit from understanding that there is far more depth and complexity to how to manifest. As Anne has always pointed out the Universal Laws are always working for everyone whether you're aware of them or not. What you need to decide is do you want to work with them consciously or allow them to happen to you? Anne's class will give you all the tools you need to understand the laws and observe how they work and interrelate in your life in a very practical and real way. Be forewarned however, Anne's calibre of teaching is not for those that want an easy fix or "magic rock" to get their life in order - this class will, as always, demand you do your personal work but for those wiling to go there the rewards are immeasurable.

Maureen G., Mendocino, CA

Just wanted to say how amazing these Universal Law classes have been. Even when I didn't think I was integrating the Law that week, along came a lesson and turned my live around! I can't believe how quickly everything came together. The course was worth it's weight in gold! I can't wait for the next level.

Thanks, Lisa F., Roseville CA

The law classes have opened my perception and increased my ability to see how everything is energy. This has made it much easier to know how to take action and not 'react' to situations. It provides more clarity on what I can change and what I can do about the things I can not. I feel more peace and empowered. I highly recommend these classes for everyone!

Sandi L., Fairfield, CA