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L.I.T.E. Certification Course


Anne Angelheart

L.I.T.E. Transformation- Be the Change


Integrity and Ethics

If you have completed the L.I.T.E. Course then you are ready for this class!

The new energies on the planet are calling on us as healers and individuals to redefine our understanding and practice of integrity and ethics in both our work and daily lives. While many believe they have already achieved this level of awareness many teachers and healers are actually unconsciously out of integrity despite trying to be what they believe is the best teacher/healer. This 2 day workshop is designed to assist you in staying in integrity with yourself and soul path and to understand the Ethics involved with teaching and healing.

This workshop will provide an enlightening wake up call to the subtle ways we create more karma, interfere with freedom of choice, and compromise our self in our endeavors.

Come join me in this intensive workshop and prepare to take your healing and teaching work to a higher level. Learn how the Universal Laws Integrate with this work and how to be in the flow and not against the Laws.

Date: TBA

Time: 10 to 5
Place: TBD
Cost: $350.00

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