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Anne Angelheart

Anne Angelheart

Teacher for the shift in consciousness and author of “Awaken the Secret Within: Keys to Joyful Living and Twelve Universal Laws: The Truth that will Transform Your Life ,” integrates her more than 25 years of business experience and intuitive skills to help individuals achieve ultimate clarity in order to unlock their true potential within. As a well-known transformational teacher, international speaker, author and radio host, Angelheart has enlightened many with her “Live In Spirit” collection of methodologies and resources for self awareness, healing, awakening, empowerment and self actualization.

Angelheart has consulted businesses across a wide range of industries and provided one-on-one coaching for a diverse group of professions, including lawyers, doctors, nurses, therapists and life coaches. In the medical field, she has helped doctors and nurses to improve their quality of care by integrating alternative healing methods. In corporate settings, Angelheart has used her self-designed workshops to help improve overall communication and team-building.

To learn more about Anne Angelheart please visit her site www.anneangelheart.com