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L.I.T.E. Certification Course


Anne Angelheart

L.I.T.E. with the 12 Universal Laws

Soul Classes to Make Change
Understanding and Applying Universal Laws

I have been teaching for 25 years and I always integrate the Soul work into every class. More andmore these days I hear my clients tell me the New Age approach is not working for them. This is because New Age is an approach, a belief, but not always necessarily SOUL WORK. I also hear many people saying Law of Attraction only works to a certain degree for them or not at all and they are doing it all right.

These are all good tools, but only part of the tools. It also is about understanding all of Universal Laws and how to apply them in your life. Think of wearing a tool belt and having many tools on that tool belt for construction work. You have all the tools yet you have no knowledge or understanding of constructing a building. You may be able to hammer a little, or put some screws into some things, but you would not be able to build a whole building.

Knowledge is good but understanding is experiencing that knowledge which leads to wisdom. I am offering one full day classes in each of the 12 Universal laws this year. We will cover the meaning of each law and then we will work with how we apply that into our daily lives. Please check below for a date and time for each class. You do not need to take them in order but eventually you will want to learn about all of them.

All of these classes are about being empowered, learning to apply these laws to your life (which are already working in your life) and walk them in joy. This series of classes will greatly assist you in truly walking your soul path and to Live In The Everyday.(L.I.T.E.) I look forward to seeing you and working with you.



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