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Anne Angelheart


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"...Knowing these Universal Laws puts us on a Fast Track to go beyond having to spend agonizing time going through lessons that we did not even have to struggle through. Anne has given us the GPS of navigation with these Universal Laws. Anne Angelheart is an amazing teacher.  She is able to perceive the  ‘language’ that each student resonates with so that each student can run with the information after each class.  Anne’s insights and humour brings  Delight and aha moments to all her students ... "


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Celebrate L.I.T.E.

"...Anyone who has worked with the Law of Attraction, been intrigued by the Secret or just felt stuck at times in creating the life you truly want will benefit from understanding that there is far more depth and complexity to how to manifest. As Anne has always pointed out the Universal Laws are always working for everyone whether you're aware of them or not. What you need to decide is do you want to work with them consciously or allow them to happen to you? Anne's class will give you all the tools you need to understand the laws and observe how they work and interrelate in your life in a very practical and real way...."


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If we understand the Universal Laws in our everyday life we have more control of what we manifest in our life. We also live in the every day, in the NOW and we are much happier. The Laws are not laws that we are familiar with such as mans law or written out laws. It is clearly how energy and specifics happen in our world whether we are aware of them or not. If we are unconscious about them they are still occurring and affecting our life.

Have you ever heard the saying, "what goes around comes around"? That is one example of Universal Law!

By working with the Universal Laws collectively, they will assist you in many aspects of your life such as: relationships, where you live, how you live and it will be a great asset to you in your work place.

Join us in this wonderful course to learn in depth these concepts and learn to apply them to everyday life situations. Learn to tell the difference of EGO and Higher Self and how to become WHO you ARE... Really.